Good design starts with listening.

Introducing the Paradigms & Possibilities project.

“…we have a lot to contribute to this conversation.”

At reDesign, we’re committed to rethinking, reimagining, and redesigning education so that schools become learner-centered communities
places where all young people can thrive.

And while we have some of our own ideas about how to get started, we also believe that if we’re going to do this right, then young people have to be a part of it.

That’s why we asked our Youth Advisory Council to guide our work, by helping us see school through their eyes — to see what’s working, and what’s not.

What emerged was a series of student-driven investigations into the paradigms that make up the fabric of education, and authentic explorations into the possibilities for re-imagining them.

Because good design starts with listening.

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See the future of learning through the eyes of reDesign’s Youth Advisory Council students.

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Presenting to a nationwide audience of educators, administrators, and innovators, reDesign’s Youth Advisory Council students shared their Paradigms & Possibilities projects in a student-panel presentation at the 2022 Aurora Institute Symposium.

See the entire session:
Creating New Possibilities for School Design: Collaboratively Exploring Educational Paradigms Alongside Students