My Piece of the Puzzle

  • Finding creative ways to tell a story
  • Coming up with a comprehensive synopsis
  • Designing, iterating and refining
  • Considering format & function
  • Qualitative research (coding…but not the computer kind)

My Background

I have flashes of mini-memories from when I was preschool-aged. Taking mother-daughter yoga lessons with my flower child Mom. Getting to know marine life by tagging along with my Dad on journalistic assignments, and waking my parents up in the morning to get them to read from a well-worn alphabet dictionary. From the start, the luck of having access to creative, exploratory learning opportunities shaped my life path. We didn’t have a ton of toys or extra income growing up, but we did have stacks of novels, a robust record collection, and encouragement to create art. And at school, that was reinforced by expert, caring teachers who saw the potential for a shy bookworm to flourish. Since then, my career has been based on finding ways to make those types of supportive learning pathways the norm for everyone.

Along the way, I’ve spent time as a practitioner-oriented researcher as the Director of Deeper Learning Initiatives at the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity (SCALE). While there, I was fortunate to lead a design team of teacher educators from across the U.S. and Finland in developing online modules on how to support deeper learning. I also created an International Baccalaureate teacher development system with partners in Taiwan, provided implementation support for national measures of readiness to teach, and researched how to capture aspects of social-emotional learning like student agency.

As part of prior research at UNC-Chapel Hill, I co-edited a book about the FirstSchool project, which focused on transforming PreK-3rd Grade for African American, Latino, and low-income children. In NYC, I was the Vice President of Programs at a nonprofit that delivered life skills curriculum to tens of thousands of young people – a humbling and thrilling task! And of course, one of the biggest honors of all was getting to teach kindergarten in the Bronx, which remains at the heart of my professional passions.

What Brings Me Joy in the World

  • Making checklists…especially if I’m planning a trip
  • Being in, on, or nearby the ocean
  • Moving my body (walks, weights, bike rides, & occasional attempts at cardio dance)
  • Snapping pictures
  • My kids – two smart daughters & a poodle named Noodle
  • Challenging myself to learn something new that I’m not good at (yet!) – including new recipes

What I’ve Been Inspired to Work On

I’m excited about the intersection between gathering data & crafting stories, and all the inspiration that our team’s work in the field provides. I’ve been crafting content calendars with educational influence and connections to learners in mind! I’m especially thrilled by the possibilities inherent in reimagining what school can look like for young people navigating today’s world. I believe school can be fulfilling, relevant, enjoyable, expansive, and challenging all at the same time.

Learning Communities & Credentials

  • B.A. in Public Policy with a focus on Education from Duke University
  • M.S. Ed. in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College
  • Ph.D. in Education from UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Working towards a continuing ed. certificate from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University
  • Special shout-out to my childhood public library and my parents’ used book collection for getting me started on my learning path!

From our reDesign community to yours, we look forward to connecting, co-designing, learning, and sharing with you.