Gina Olabuenaga

Gina Olabuenaga

Educational Designer


The truth is I am here today because of terrible professional development (PD). My early years as a teacher were tough and I quickly discovered that quality PD was in short supply. Frustrated by the lack of transformative learning experiences that could deeply impact student learning and outcomes, for both teachers and students, I wondered, ‘How can we make education, and learning broadly, about practicing success not reinforcing failure?’ 

In pursuit of this idea, I obtained a doctorate in Teacher Education for Multicultural Societies (TEMS) at the University of Southern California. My research examined the PD models of schools successfully implementing 21st-century competencies and PBL. This led me to my work with an industry leader in professional development in the area of project-based learning, PBLWorks (formerly the Buck Institute for Education).

Today, I am proud to say I am a passionate educator with over 13 years of experience developing and delivering high-quality professional learning for K-12 teachers and leaders. This work includes creating and implementing a vision for effective, culturally responsive teaching and learning through a series of workshops and services. That PD was facilitated both nationally and internationally by a large consultant pool that I have both co-managed and coached with world-class net promoter scores and satisfaction ratings averaging 95%.

Educators are stewards of the future. Shaping the world with each and every student. For my part, I strive to develop and deepen equitable practices for all communities through meaningful and impactful research-based adult professional learning experiences. Our students, and the future, deserve nothing less.