Rohan Menon

Rohan Menon

Educational Designer


Against a bizarre backdrop of global chaos, Rohan graduated from USC in the spring of 2020 with a degree in Neuroscience & Education. Although classes and projects built a crucial foundation for his education as a neuroscience student, he credits his research experience with his most meaningful learning, in true testament to Dewey’s “learning-by-doing” approach. Rohan spent four years as a research assistant at the USC Brain & Creativity Institute, where he got involved in projects exploring the neurophysiology of emotion regulation in highly-effective classroom teachers, and the influence of musical training on child development. Although he joined the BCI as a volunteer freshman with little more than curiosity, he emerged with a revolutionary perspective on the relationship between human emotion, sociality, and cognition in the classroom that is owed greatly to his wonderful mentor Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, and to the paradigm-shifting work of the BCI’s director, Antonio Damasio. 

Rohan is now dedicated to applying this biological perspective to the re-imagination of a more equitable, empowering, humanistic education system through his work with reDesign — transforming education to realize the value and self-agency of every individual learner is a cause he fights for with conviction, and he is delighted to learn and grow alongside the passionate, inspiring educators that characterize reDesign. He finds himself increasingly inspired by the boundless potential for positive societal change contained in a simple idea: that every individual human being has profound, inherent value to helping humanity flourish.

Rohan is the co-author of Seeds of Social Change, an integrated social, emotional, and academic curriculum designed for an undergraduate student branch of Novus Think Tank, a non-profit research and policy think tank based in Los Angeles. He is also the host of Tinker, Tailor, Educator, a podcast in which he interviews educators from innovative schools around the world about their creative practices, and their ideas for the future of education. 

If attempting to locate him during his free time, one is advised to look for Rohan in any of the following places: on a nearby soccer field; at the closest library; in a record store; on his yoga mat; at a table playing cards; in the midst of a forest; or taking a characteristically long walk.