Tracy Bauer

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Tracy Bauer has been with reDesign, LLC for a little over five years as an Instructional Coach. She is an educator who understands the art of teaching is a craft honed through a myriad of pedagogical experiences. She chose to become a teacher during her undergraduate years because she wanted to contribute to her community in a deep and meaningful way.


Tracy happily taught six years educating young minds in secondary urban classrooms in Boston, Kansas City, and New York City. Even though her first school placement had no toilet paper and the fire alarm was pulled often throughout the day, she continually engaged her students in discussing the feminist ideas in Cisneros’ texts, writing argument essays about contentious issues, and debating whether or not George should

have shot Lennie. Over the six years as a teacher, she came to realize that engaging students in the learning process and shifting the paradigm of “teacher is expert and student is receptacle” is what moves students forward. This seems like a simple idea but it changed her teaching approaches dramatically, resulting in a Standard of Excellence award in English Language Arts for her Kansas City students.


Within her thirteen years of educational work, Tracy has also explored teaching and learning in different ways, further enhancing and refining her own instructional craft. Her years of coaching teachers at high needs schools across New York City has allowed her an inside view of how many different classrooms can operate. Through coaching, she has refined her own pedagogy by literally sitting in students’ seats and figuring out what makes a worthwhile lesson, what happens when a learning target is not communicated, what happens when classroom transitions are not smooth, and what happens when students cannot read the article that must be discussed. Working through a variety of pedagogical issues like these continually influences Tracy’s desire to continue in the field of education. Working with teachers and students in high-needs neighborhoods and schools continually pushes her learning and reminds her that the stakes are always high.


Tracy’s educational career has taken her down several paths, but it has led her to a unique understanding of what it takes to be an effective educator for all those deserving students. She receives many compliments on her warmth, humor, and her ability to listen and problem solve. People feel comfortable being vulnerable with Tracy, as it allows them to be pushed forward in the coaching work she does. In her free time, Tracy enjoys exercising - activities like yoga, dancing and running; reading, attending cultural events, protesting issues close to her and her family, and spending time with friends and family. Tracy resides in New York City with her husband, Luke, who is the founder and principal of the UA Maker Academy and her daughter, Gwendolyn, age 7, and her son, Finnegan, age 4.






#1 One reDesign thing I geek about is our amazing archive of learning strategies and activities.




#1 Something I am learning about outside of work is how to take better care of myself through exercise and diet. Specifically, I am learning/training for my first marathon!