Vicky Kim

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Co-designing meaningful systems with people and communities focused on positive social change --- that’s Vicky’s sweet spot. She consults and collaborate with organizations around the globe to help them evolve their models and build capacity with smarter strategies and systems. She is obsessed with busting knowledge silos and connecting people, ideas and tools for greater access and impact. With her deep passion in rethinking education pathways, she is thrilled to be a part of the reDesign team.


Vicky has spent much of her career helping K-12 schools and districts build capacity to integrate complex programs. She is proud to have led the growth of North Carolina’s dual language and cultural exchange programs during her years with VIF International Education as Director of Programs and Services. Her “classroom” has been mostly in community centers where she has led adult literacy, family literacy, and ESL programs in WA and NC. More recently, Vicky’s explorations in systems thinking and sustainability led her to the UnSchool, an experiential knowledge lab that helps people activate change through systems thinking approaches, where she runs programs around the globe, designs pop-up learning experiences, and serves on the board.


Outside of “work” Vicky’s capacity-building and design foci are still evident in her community action projects with local organizations confronting the causes and responding to the effects of poverty, her organizing work with other parents of color, and her favorite project: a deep 16-year school-to-school partnership between a local school + a school in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.


Through her complex Korean-American-woman-mother-worker-builder-activist lens, she is continually awakened to the harmful flaws of our intricately designed human systems, and gains strength through collective, positive movements to rethink, rebalance and relearn. A firm believer that you can’t solve problems with the same mindset that created them, she loves her work with this sharp team to redesign inclusive, rigourous, jo learning experiences for all students.