Our impact

In partnership with educators, learners, schools, states, and other networks & organizations, we work to support and co-design positive learning communities with sustained impact.

Participation from around the world in our Institutes & resource hub 

Since 2016, our reach has expanded from a handful of local educators in three northeastern states to classrooms coast-to-coast (including Alaska and Hawaii). Our Institutes and resources have been accessed by learners in 23 countries around the world! 

Data that matters

reDesign’s equity-focused approaches to pedagogy and learning experience design are rooted in both learning science research and evidence from the field. With a sustained commitment to learn, practice, iterate in response to feedback, and reflect, our partner schools, and their communities see results that matter to them. 

Our learner-centered & strategy-focused approach gets results

Stamford CT’s Trailblazer Academy Middle School students struggled with essential literacy skills. reDesign created a series of social justice, literacy modules, and within 6 months, students gained 2+ grade levels of proficiency in reading.

100% Math proficiency!

At North Queens Community High School in NYC, a 2-year collaboration with the math department resulted in enormous increases in the passing rate of NY State’s Algebra exam – from 30% to 70% to 100% by the end of the second year.

Coaching leaders to cultivate an environment for competency

A 2-year collaboration with Department Heads at Bronx Haven High School led to enormous increases in the NY State Exam’s passing rate across all 4 content areas: 

CBL and anchored, caring relationships make a difference

At Bronx Arena High School, another school serving overage, under-credited young adults, a two-year engagement resulted in stunning improvements.


Dedicated leaders working at the classroom, school, and system level.

reDesign partners with schools, school networks, state departments, foundations, and other organizations committed to advancing educational equity and opportunity for all. Some of our past and current clients are listed below.


reDesign’s partnership with two states deeply committed to removing regulatory and financial barriers to learners’ growth and development has been exciting and inspiring. We are best-suited to partnering with states that strongly believe that communities can be trusted and empowered to determine the important skills and capacities that learners can be supported to develop. We are proud to support two states that define their role as an advocate and champion of educator capacity-building and professional learning: South Carolina and Idaho.

South Carolina: Leading the way

The South Carolina State Department of Education and reDesign partner to create personalized, competency-based learning environments across the state. Through co-designed K-12 competencies and continua, intensive school support, learning Institutes, a robust Community of Practice, and an intentional Fellowship Program, SC classrooms are transforming their approach to teaching and learning.

cover map of Profile of South Carolina Graduate Competencies

Idaho: Mastery learning for all

The Idaho Mastery-Based Education Framework builds on the definition of mastery education provided in Idaho law and spotlights the legislative intent to provide learning environments where students are empowered, competencies are demonstrated, learning is personalized, and mastery is recognized. reDesign supports Idaho’s mastery initiatives through co-designed K-12 competency continua, deep technical assistance of the ISDE and Mastery Education Network, customized site-based support, and codification of key mastery practices.


Over the past fifteen years, the reDesign team has had the opportunity to partner with large and small urban communities, geographically diverse regional communities, and small rural communities. Each district and network we collaborate with has unique values and commitments, experiences and vision. We see our role as a partner in your journey to bringing these to life for all members of the learning community. 


reDesign’s deep expertise in schools is around coaching and designs that allow all learners to thrive. At the heart of our curriculum and pedagogical frameworks is decades of study into the independent learning skills and strategies that make it possible for the most vulnerable learners to increase their competency. It is in our shoulder-to-shoulder work with practitioners, coaches, and leaders that we center equitable access to powerful, diverse, engaging, and high-quality learning.


To meet the moment and imagine the future of learning requires the collective efforts of a community. We are grateful for and inspired by our collaborations with these wholehearted, brilliant colleagues and friends. 

Let’s talk about impact.