Our Appoach

reDesign's approach is grounded in the principles of improvement science and design thinking. Our designs are highly customized, ensuring that they fit the specific context, passions, and commitments of our clients. Whether the task is ground-up school model design or implementing an intensive instructional coaching program, reDesign is committed to creativity and responsiveness at each step along the way.


reDesign Design Thinking and Improvement Science

Each engagement begins with an exploration of our client's vision, as well as an appreciative framing of the user's needs. Together with our client, we examine the context of the work to understand both challenges and opportunities. Drawing on these insights, along with relevant research from the field, we engage collaboratively with our clients in user-centered, strategic design at the program, school, or network level. reDesign works with clients to define milestones for the work and metrics for measuring outcomes. Consistent with our commitment to continuous learning, we use data to guide reflective action and iteration of design.
Throughout every engagement, reDesign is committed to helping create learning communities in which adults and young people:
  • Own their learning process
  • Exercise choice 
  • Nurture a powerful voice
  • Engage deeply with challenging academic material
  • Collaborate on important work
  • Believe in their own efficacy
  • Make life choices that support their continued growth and learning
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