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From our clients

Hear from some of our clients and partners about their experience working with reDesign.

Stephanie DiStasio, SCDOE

Our partnership with reDesign has allowed us to consider ways in which personalized, competency based learning could begin to shift our own work at the South Carolina Department of Education.  They worked with us to develop a groundbreaking set of competencies for the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate which has fueled our imaginations and given us the tools to continue to change teaching and learning in our state.    

The team at reDesign is strategic about ensuring we are building our capacity to sustain this work for the long term, which is resulting in a significant return on our investment.  Our work with reDesign has inspired us to challenge the status quo of existing systems and to reimagine professional learning to ensure adult learners are engaged in the type of student centered learning that results in empowered and passionate learners.

Stephanie DiStasio

Director – Office of Personalized Learning – South Carolina Department of Education

Lynette Lauretig, MPI

Over the past decade, I have repeatedly selected reDesign to collaborate on the design of Professional Learning Institutes because of their integrated approach to the design of teaching and learning communities, for adults and young people. Their blend of creativity and practicality have allowed us to design programs that schools are eager to participate in for multiple years.


Lynette Lauretig

Sr. Director of Multiple Pathways, Office of Postsecondary Readiness, New York City Public Schools

KaTrina Wentzel, Marin

Finding outside collaborators who understand our school …has been harder than expected. The folks at reDesign, however, are true school partners. They care about the schools and districts they work with… and work alongside educators and administrators with patience, compassion, and sharp expertise. 

KaTrina Wentzel 

Dean of Academics, Marin Academy

Amanda Navarro, Manchester

At the beginning of this process, our thoughts were essentially “let’s see what we can have these folks do that won’t require an abundance of time and energy from us but will help us move in the direction of our goals.” We have worked with a lot of consultants and consulting firms, and have so often found that these individuals and groups seemed to serve their own agenda more than ours. Working with reDesign surprised us in the best of ways. They were attentive to our needs, thoughtful about best use of any collaborative time, and empathetic toward our challenges. Their suggestions were on point; their next-steps were purposeful and thorough; their resources were professionally designed and/or carefully curated. The entire experience was more than we’d hoped for, and I believe our entire school community will benefit from this collaboration.

Amanda Navarro

Instructional Coach, Manchester High School

Meg Huggins, River Bluff HS

reDesign has given us the support to allow teachers to think beyond content, and really focus on a continuum of learning and understanding around competencies… for the benefit of the students. Ultimately, ReDesign has given our teachers a thought-partner… engaging our team with thought provoking questions and supporting [them] in the moment and in the planning. It has been a joy!!


Meg Huggins

Academic Dean of Innovation, River Bluff High School

Barbara Munsey, Epping

Before working with reDesign, we had restructured our day, our curriculum, and our staff. We had spent hours developing competencies and creating hands-on projects. And we still weren’t getting the results our students needed. When we implemented reDesign’s pedagogical framework, I finally came to understand that our student outcomes wouldn’t improve until we turned our efforts and energy toward improving instruction. After 2 years, Epping High School was designated the 2nd most improved high school in NH.


Barbara Munsey

Superintendent SAU 14, Epping, NH

KaTrina Wentzel , Marin

Our reDesign team took our concepts of competency-based teaching and learning and helped us to develop a framework and continua that is right for our school… There is no way we could have done the heavy lifting required for this meaningful work without them.

KaTrina Wentzel 

Dean of Academics, Marin Academy

Michael Wolach, Jill Chaifetz HS

reDesign’s coaching has been as useful as the best graduate courses I have taken. To have this kind of attention and care on my work was amazing.

Michael Wolach

Lead Teacher, Jill Chaifetz High School

Sam Sherwood, Bronx Arena

I read reDesign’s monograph about our school after a hard day. I had tears in my eyes as I thought ‘They really get our kids, and they honored them. They see what we are about, they really told our story the way we would want to tell it.”

Sam Sherwood

Co-founder and Assitant Principal, Bronx Arena High School

Beth Anderson, Phoenix

reDesign’s vast bank of knowledge, coupled with their ability to rapidly create systems and structures, helped to quickly contain our start-up chaos and make daily school operations sustainable.


Beth Anderson, Founder and Executive Director, Phoenix Charter Academy Network, MA

Rick Reynolds, PACT HS

Your workshop on competency-based learning blew my mind. I saw a whole new world for students!

Rick Reynolds

PrincipalPACT High School

Julia Bowen, BArT

We cannot thank you enough for the support and insight that you provided our team during the design and redesign of our school. Your strategic planning, design and coaching helped us to transform our school. After coming close to losing our charter, BArT now has the highest growth in math among the 17 districts in Berkshire County. We also achieved the 3rd highest growth in ELA in Berkshire County.

Julia Bowen

Executive DirectorBArT Charter School

Eric Delcarn, North Queens

I’ve always been creative and had good ideas about projects. In working with a reDesign coach I’ve learned how to scaffold the curriculum with literacy skills and meta-cognitions so that students get what they need in order to actually enjoy learning. 84% of our over-age, under-credited math students passed the NY Math Regents exam this year.

Eric Delcarn

Math Teacher, North Queens Community High School

Grace Cannon, Philly

Your support in the launch of our two mastery-based schools has been invaluable. Your ability to work hand-in-hand with both central office and school-based staff to bridge the gap between the District’s conceptual system of mastery learning and on-the-ground implementation has been supportive, practical, and rigorous. Your coaches have been key to helping us develop school-based systems mastery learning that are transforming teacher practice, student learning, and the overall functioning of our schools.

Grace Cannon

Director of New School Models, School District of Philadelphia

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