What Is reDesign?

Who We Are

We believe that all young people can become independent, passionate learners who are prepared for college, regardless of economic circumstance, race, or family history. For us, education is fundamentally an issue of social justice.

What We Do

We collaborate with clients on projects that push the envelope of vision and design, projects that are reimagining what teaching and learning can be, particularly for the most vulnerable and marginalized youth in our society.

reDesign Blog

Small Disruption #1: Disrupt the text

While the goal is for all learners to have access to text and materials that represent, affirm, and sustain their diverse identities, it is most often not the reality. Often classrooms are limited in...

School Redesign through 100 Disruptions

Our world and communities have been hugely disrupted by COVID-19 and the illness, death, fear, isolation, and racism that have been heightened in its short powerful presence. Communities of color...

5 Ways to Connect with Learners IRL (in real life) and remotely this fall

As we all begin to imagine what the fall will look like, one of the big questions in many of our minds is how to build relationships with learners in a world where remote learning is almost certain...