Our big, hairy, audacious 5-year plan

reDesign has been a successful design consultancy for 15 years, supporting schools, districts, and states as they work to serve young people in more inclusive, competency-based and responsive ways. It is wonderful, rewarding work and, at the same time, we have been deeply aware of the inequities of access that the consulting industry creates. Right now, a single 5th-grade teacher in South Dakota, or a small rural district in Pennsylvania, can rarely access the services of organizations like reDesign. This does not sit right with us.

Here’s what we plan to do. 

reDesign has been awarded a grant to support the growing movement of community members, professionals, and educators committed to dismantling the industrial education complex, with its baked-in inequities, and to create opportunities for young people and adults to participate in learner-centered communities.

This plan has been incubating for years, and we’re thrilled to launch it at a moment when the entire world —literally— is thinking about how to reimagine and redesign where, when, what, how, and with whom powerful learning happens.

This work is bold and audacious. It needs many voices and perspectives. It requires a wide array of expertise and lived experiences. Please join us.

Alongside others reinventing school, we’re embarking on these 5 big moves over the next 5 years:


With the insight of experts from schools, industry and academia, develop a K-12 content map that shifts away from closely-held Eurocentric funds of knowledge, to include and honor the multiplicity of perspectives, cultures and ways of knowing that are central to full participation in the current world.


Launch a new reDesign co.Lab program  with a cohort of expert Designers-in-Residence. Invite superstar designers to collaborate and create engaging, relevant, projects that center social justice within the new K-12 Content Map. 


Collaborate with forward-thinking, learner-centered rebels, as part of a collective committed to culturally inclusive, antiracist offerings for education transformation.


Open a digital marketplace for next-generation, culturally responsive and sustaining projects, designed for and by practitioners. 


Debut a Virtual Lab School that lives out the ideals of a learner-centered community. 

Join the movement.

Learn more about becoming a solidarity partner or advisor. Reach out with your thoughts on our 5 year plan. Share your bold ideas.

Let’s do this together.