Antonia Rudenstine


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Antonia Rudenstine, former high school teacher, is now the director of reDesign, LLC, a consulting group that focuses on creating new school designs and program models, in addition to supporting leaders and teachers in the work of instructional and curricular improvement. Antonia began working on these issues in 1993, with the first school she helped design and found. Since that time she has worked with numerous networks, districts, and individual schools in their efforts to create new, more flexible and adaptable middle and high school models to support urban adolescents as they prepare for college. She co-founded reDesign in 2006 with her colleague, Lewis Gitelman who she cites as having a tremendous impact on her professional career and holds him in the highest of regards professionally. Antonia received her BA from Oberlin College, and an Ed.M and Ed.D. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


As a white woman who has had the honor to learn and work in communities of color, she has spent considerable time and energy thinking about how to support, listen to, and follow people of color and women, both within reDesign and in the communities, she is committed to. As a school founder and leader, a teacher, and founder of a consulting practice, Antonia has over 25 years of experience supporting schools in thinking deeply about teaching and learning, as it applies both to young people and adults. With experience working with large and small schools of all grade levels, across various stages of development, she gained the ability to think about design in unusually flexible ways. Her additional work in developing and supporting adults working in the K-12 space taught her to emphasize the need to nurture learning communities that provide adults and students with learning experiences that are exciting because they are inviting and fun, while simultaneously challenging and connected to ideas that matter.


As a 2nd year teacher, in 1991, Antonia collaborated with her students to “rewrite” US History to include the voices of her students. This was the beginning of her passion for developing curriculum that is inclusive, open-source, and adaptable in its design and focus. This has set her passion on fire about creating designs that lead to transformational learning communities specifically those serving marginalized youth. Over the past 25 years, she has been focused on the nurturing of learning communities that provide teachers and students with the kind of learning experiences that are exciting because they are both inviting, fun and challenging, connected to ideas that matter, with optional scaffolding that can be used by students when it’s needed. Professionally, she is often complimented on her ability to synthesize ideas in new ways resulting in highly creative designs and plans. Personally, Antonia is passionate about spending time with her daughter and watching her grow and develop as a young person.




#1. Anything related to school design that explores new ways to create learner-centered models. Our design guide on Launching Multi-Grade Schools was so much fun to put together for Springpoint: Partners in School Design.

#2. Any opportunity to create “hackable” tools, curriculum, activities and assessments” that make the lives of educators easier, without impinging on their autonomy, creativity and expertise. Right now our low-tech Curated List of Digital Learning Resources is one of my favorite recs for practitioners thinking about personalized learning.




Fun things to do with a teenager that don’t involve screen-time. We’ve been checking out 2-player games and I’ve been reading Parenting in the age of Attention Snatchers.