It’s for all of us.

reDesign co.Lab is the home of collective expertise, energy, passion, and practice. It’s a collaborative learning and design space dedicated to humanizing and taking action on BIG ideas, transformative shifts, and inclusive practices. Join the roundtable with others who are committed to making meaning of the historical and continued impacts of oppression in order to reimagine and redesign systems for joy and liberation. Share your expertise and perspectives to ensure rich, relevant learning opportunities for all. Level-up your pedagogical practices, build culturally inclusive and affirming learning environments. Sharpen your curriculum design chops with approaches that build competency, center equity, and engage learners in relevant, authentic experiences. 

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Solidarity Partners

Solidarity Partners are organizations unified in their commitment to equitable, relevant learning. They believe it is possible and mission-critical to redesign K-12 learning outcomes with a multicultural, antiracist perspective, that is grounded in the learning sciences. Their voices at the roundtable ensure we co-create for all learners. Meet the Collective.


Advisors are individuals who lend their expertise and interest in working with other thought leaders to help shape a reimagined K-12 learning experience with a multicultural, antiracist perspective.


Reimagining the K-12 Content Map Teams





co.Lab offerings

Here are a few of the co.Lab offerings you can find throughout the year. Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay in-the-know on new workshops and other exciting opportunities.


The Learning Cycle Workshop

Learn how to plan units of study and design learning experiences that foster inquiry, nurture agency, and build competency.

Effective Mini-Lessons for Remote Learning

Learn how to plan and facilitate engaging and effective min-lessons that support skill and strategy development, collaboration, and high-order thinking.

Scaffolding Performance Tasks for Flex-paced Online Learning

Learn how to select and design quality performance tasks that are well-scaffolded and flexibly paced for remote learning.

SEL Connected

Explore strategies for using CASEL’s SEL Framework to help center social and emotional learning to make our classrooms more equitable within the content we teach. 

The 60/40 Rule

An accelerated deep dive into competency-based curriculum design. Build a competency-based project or unit through the course.

Competency Design 2.0

Competencies, skills, and continua for transparent, rigorous, equitable learning. Learn and apply reDesign’s methodology for second generation competency design.

Leaning into Love for Learner-Centered Communities

Practice leaning into love as a key component to designing and facilitating learner centered communities, tapping into the measuring love framework and culturally sustaining pedagogies.

Disrupt the Rubric

How well do our rubrics serve the purpose of equitable learning experiences for all? Let’s clarify the purpose of our rubrics and assessment tools, examine opportunities to shift power and practice a learner-centered, competency-based design approach to redesigning rubrics.

Ideas on what you’d like to see offered in the co.Lab? We’d love to hear from you.