Designing the curriculum that every young person deserves




We are excited to be working with this impressive initial 2021 cohort of  Designers-in-Residence to create next-generation learning experiences that advance equity and democratize learning for all.

Meet our amazing Designers!

Why did we launch this program?

We’re glad you asked.  

The reality is that relevant, inclusive, engaging resources are available to very few students. There are huge inequities in who gets access to high quality and empowering curriculum. This needs to be rectified in order to live into the promise of democracy.

Over the course of 2021 & 2022 we will collaborate to create over 100 adaptable, responsive projects that develop critical consciousness alongside key competencies, tapping into the values, culture, and wisdom of local communities. And this is just the beginning. 

Through our Designers-in-Residence program, we want to honor and collaborate with the growing network of educators committed to providing all young people with learning experiences that help prepare them to create meaningful, economically sustainable lives within their chosen, vibrant communities.

Are you interested in learning & designing with us?

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