Our Competency Portfolio

cover map of Profile of South Carolina Graduate Competencies

Competencies for the Profile of a South Carolina Graduate

Since 2017, reDesign has worked in collaboration with SCDE to support their efforts to transform the state’s educational system through the adoption of  personalized, competency-based practices and structures.

Over a two-year period, reDesign designed the state’s K-12 competency framework with its accompanying learning progressions and implementation materials. 

Other COMPETENCY SETS we have designed:

State-level: reDesign designed the learning progressions for the Idaho State Department of Education.

School- & Network-level: reDesign led the design of full competency and continua sets for:

  • Crosstown High School | Memphis, TN
  • Phoenix Charter Academy | Chelsea, MA
  • Grand Rapids Public Museum School | Grand Rapids, MI
  • Circulos High School | Santa Ana, CA
  • Singapore American School | Singapore
  • Marin Academy | Marin, CA