Andrea Avery

Andrea Avery

Educational Designer

Andrea Avery is a teacher and writer committed to supporting students as authors of their own learning and helping teachers and school leaders reimagine the exciting possibilities for their own practice and growth when they put empowered students at the center of education. 

Over the course of her career, Andrea has endeavored to learn as much as she could from as many people as she could. She has taught world literature, composition, banned books, creative writing, editing, grammar, and memoir and co-taught courses in musical theatre and a cross-disciplinary in math-English logic, puzzles, and codes. She served as accompanist for school musicals and directed the middle school play. She served on the admissions, strategic plan, and curriculum committees before taking on the role of Master Teacher and, eventually, director of curriculum and instruction for the PreK-12 program. This rich variety of experiences and assignments allowed Andrea to work with students and teachers in various capacities and settings, attuning her to both the power of individual interpersonal moments and the complexity of school systems and structures. Though no longer working in a single school environment, Andrea’s goals as an educational designer remain ensuring that learners are centered in their education; that educators and learners are supported via nurturing relationships that dignify them; and that school systems and processes account for various perspectives and honor the whole humanity of the people who work and learn within them.  

Andrea holds a BA in music, an MFA in creative writing, and an Ed.D. A product and proponent of the National Writing Project, she is committed to extending her own learning and to participating in the public conversation as a writer. Her writing about education has appeared in Radical Teacher, Independent School magazine, The Oxford American, and Journeys in Learning Across Frontiers: Stories, Strategies, and Inspiration from the IB Community. She is also the author of Sonata: A Memoir of Pain and the Piano

When she’s not reading or writing, Andrea can be found swimming; walking; sewing; knitting; drawing; journaling; baking; scouring thrift stores for new additions to her collections of brass belt buckles, novelty Bundt pans, and vintage Scandinavian kitsch; or palling around with her four cats and her spouse.