Introducing Idaho’s Mastery Learning Staging Guide

Jul 2, 2020 | School Design | 0 comments

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What does it take to lead the transformation to a mastery-based or competency-based learning system? How do we know where we are in our journey, how we’re progressing, and which measurable outcomes we might be working toward? reDesign is excited to announce the release of a Mastery Learning Staging Guide in collaboration with the Idaho State Department of Education.

We are thrilled to share this Mastery Learning Staging Guide, recently commissioned by the Idaho State Department of Education to support the schools and districts across the state in the Idaho Mastery Education Network. This Staging Guide offers practitioners a robust tool for navigating their transformation journey to Mastery-based (or “competency-based”) learning. Alongside Idaho’s new Mastery Learning Framework, this Staging Guide offers the following for each of four domains: Culture, Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment, and Policy and Systems Design.

  • Important shifts to consider in mastery-based thinking and practice
  • Indicators of mastery-based learning from the system and student perspectives
  • Outcomes for the stage given the steps and tools provided
  • A self-assessment to identify reasonable entry points based on work already done and priorities
  • Activities and resources to build capacity depending on your role, and to get additional support if you have questions or need technical assistance

This guide has been over four years in the making, and we are thrilled to share this work within and beyond Idaho to help support schools and districts across the country on their journey toward more learner-centered and equitable school systems. We welcome your input and feedback! You can say hello at [email protected].

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