reimagining assessment

engaging learners in assessing the thinking processes that matter

Imagine if districts and states redesigned K-12 assessment to meaningfully engage every learner in demonstrating rigorous, creative thinking.

reDesign’s adaptable “Thinking Block” resources support educators in measuring the high-leverage learning processes and thinking skills that matter to future-forward young people and their communities.  And, they challenge learners to unpack the cognitive steps they’re taking along the way to building competency.

what are thinking blocks?

Collectively, our Thinking Blocks are a set of measurable “super-competencies” that surface the most essential stages in the creative thinking process. Young people can apply them to any context for learning, inquiry, & problem-solving – once they’re made visible in the curriculum.
Explore reDesign’s learning science-based “Thinking Blocks” framework (LINK).
Learn about the research that informed which thinking processes and skills were the most important to focus on (LINK).

how do they support educators?

They provide an organizing frame for continuously practicing & developing the essential skills that learners need to engage in rigorous, innovative thinking, along with a clear pathway for formative assessment.

See an example of a formative task designed to assess a key “thinking block” (LINK).
See an example of a longer performance assessment that integrates developing important learning processes and skills with content understanding (LINK).  

how do they support learners?

They guide young people through a cognitive apprenticeship that builds ownership of each stage of the creative inquiry and learning process – which they can take with them into whatever future college, career, or life pathway they choose to explore.

Read our concept paper about the power of learning as creating (LINK).
Explore the agency-building learning strategies that connect to developing “Thinking Blocks” (LINK).

What would it look like for a district to put the Thinking Blocks into action?