Agentic Learning Strategy Guides

What are the specific thinking strategies that experts use to make meaning of new information rapidly, plan and reach their goals, solve problems, and adjust and expand their schema? reDesign’s set of agentic learning strategies defines the critical cognitive and metacognitive techniques for learning, memory, and developing expertise. Each strategy includes a student guide to facilitate driving your own learning by practicing and applying each strategy in any learning context.

Why this? Agentic learning strategies unlock the “how” of self-regulated learning, problem-solving, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and developing expertise. While they are often invisible to learners, when these strategies are taught explicitly and nurtured in all learners , their cognitive, social, and emotional development  is profound (National Research Council, 2000; Winne & Perry, 2000; Goleman, 1998; Palinscar, 1986).