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OUR RIGOR TOOLBOX: Post-Pandemic Tools FOR Accelerating Learning

We are living in a moment that requires big, audacious ideas and bold action in education.

Here’s one big idea: To maximize learning opportunities, let’s equip educators and young people with a set of high-quality tools that fast-track rigorous inquiry.

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A collection of the most useful and transformative tools and design resources that we’ve ever created for accelerating learning.  Built for educators and young people.  Laser-focused on driving rigorous inquiry, maximizing learning time, and developing transferable skills that matter. 

Explore each tool below.

Redefine Learning Outcomes 

Let’s redefine what we ask learners to know and be able to do!


Whole-child Competency Framework


Future-ready Concept Maps

Reimagine Curriculum

Let’s reimagine the tools & resources that learners engage with.


Inquiry-based Explorations


High-quality Performance Assessments


Guides for Using Agentic Learning Strategies

What does this look like in the field?

Remarkable Gains Are Possible: Case Examples from the Field 

Several years ago, our Detroit partners at the School for the Future provided a powerful community for adolescents who had been effectively trapped in middle school unable to pass enough courses to graduate.  Despite their history, within eight months, these “significantly behind” learners gained an average of five grade levels in reading, and two in mathematics. 

At North Queens High School in New York, learners who were about to age-out of the system because they were unable to pass the NY State Regents Algebra Exam,  went from a 30% passing rate to a 100% passing rate just two years later. 

We believe the remarkable gains achieved by learners in these school contexts are possible at scale.


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cover map of Profile of South Carolina Graduate Competencies

Check out our work with the state of South Carolina to create competencies for personalized learning aligned with their Graduate Profile. 

cover map of Profile of South Carolina Graduate Competencies

Explore our customizable, modular performance assessment guides.

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