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Welcome to our
Youth Advisory Council.

You can’t start a band without musicians. You can’t run a knitting circle without knitters. So how can we create learner-centered communities without learners? 

At reDesign, we’re committed to keeping learners at the forefront of our hearts and minds. Our vision for the future is anchored in equitable, learner-centered communities — so ultimately, what is best for learners will always inform the design, creation, and evaluation of everything we put out into the world.

We center the student experience by ensuring our decisions, designs, and practices are informed by student voices, aspirations, and needs. At the heart of our efforts is our Youth Advisory Council.

Our Youth Advisors collaborate with our team in a variety of ways. They review our designs, test our assumptions, and gift us with authentic feedback. Most importantly, our students are empowered to draw on their many identities and unique school experiences to develop their own ideas about how to make school better — for ALL students. 

Meet our 2023 Youth Advisors.

At a glance…

Donelle Nalder (Boise, ID)
Marbellyn Lopez (Round Rock, TX)
Sabbia Gale-Donnelly (Crompond, NY)
Sonya Pholsiri (Round Rock, TX)
Hayden Hill (Durham, NC)
Pearson Mudhol (Round Rock, TX)
Bridger Fobes (Coeur d'Alene, ID)
Salome Murcia Gonzalez (Coquitlam, BC)
Alexandra Dye (Chapel Hill, NC)
Ellah Wambach (Round Rock, TX)
Ayden Theroux (Cranston, RI)

11 students.

6 states.

4 grade levels.

Hundreds of ideas about how to make school better.

Good design starts with listening.

Introducing the Paradigms & Possibilities project — a glimpse into the future of learning through the eyes of reDesign’s Youth Advisory Council students.

Hear what our advisors have to say.

Our Youth Advisors presented at the 2023 Deeper Learning Conference and shared their experiences with educators during our “Disrupt the Rubric” presentation.

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