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Let’s transform education together.

We partner closely with education leaders to help accelerate meaningful, rigorous learning that ensures every young person is future ready.

Our Approach

reDesign partners with state and district leaders to ensure every young person is future-ready and has access to deep and meaningful learning.

With a focus on competency-based learning, curriculum and assessment systems, and learner-centered practices, our customized transformation programs result in increased student engagement and agency, accelerated growth, and more flexible and responsive models for learning and assessment.

Our District & State Transformation Pathways

While there is no one right place to start, there are specific areas of focus that can help accelerate impact in your transformation journey. Here are three example pathways you might consider for your journey.

The reDesign Journey Ahead

The reDesign Journey is based on years of supporting system transformation efforts at the statehouse, district, and school site. The Journey is an outcome-based process used to personalize your transformation plan, while ensuring research-informed actions are occurring at each stage of the journey.

the reDesign Journey


Create a shared, actionable vision that redesigns an aspect of learning

Build a strategy for organizing time and teams, setting priorities, and articulating frameworks to jumpstart change 

Develop learner-centered practices with educators alongside new designs

Measure, celebrate, and connect while using data to learn, improve, and fine-tune your strategy

Build capacity, codify, and spread what works to sustain and scale your impact

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