Our Work

Through an equity-focused, strengths-based approach to design, change leadership, and adult development, we support and co-create inclusive learner-center communities so that education becomes a pathway to liberation.


reDesign works with states and districts to provide programs and services in three core areas: learner-centered design, change leadership, and adult development.


We help make the complex actionable.

We have spent decades studying and living the interdependencies that make teaching and learning so complex. Our expertise is in translating complexity into actionable tools and frameworks through elegant designs that center equitable learner experiences. Designs that are available for piloting in your system include:
  • Competency frameworks
  • Learning continuums
  • Assessment systems
  • Performance-based assessments
  • Inquiry-based curriculum
  • School models and programs
  • Publications: Toolkits, Monographs, Case studies

A peek inside a few recent design projects:

Data for Social Change

In Data for Social Change, a 9th grade mathematics project, learners are challenged to explore the power of data – and the hidden bias in which data are recorded and tracked, and which aren’t – as they build mathematical modeling and argumentation skills.

Profile of a South Carolina Graduate Prototype Competencies

The Profile of a South Carolina Graduate Competencies were designed and developed by reDesign in collaboration with the South Carolina Department of Education. They were created to help clarify the developmental pathway for all learners to attainment of the Profile of a SC Graduate.

A Framework for Competency-based Transformation

Nationally, reDesign is known for co-designing competency-based learning systems from stem to stern with states, networks, and schools. reDesign’s Framework for Competency captures the core components involved in leading the transformation to a competency-based learning system and offers a roadmap with varied entry points.

Project-based Learning (PBL) Teacher Toolkit

The Project-based Learning Toolkit was created for the XQ Super School grantee, Furr High School, to help onboard teachers new to PBL by providing frameworks, tools, and guidance on curriculum design and planning.

Mind Your Mother Earth CBL Project

This high school geography project was designed as model competency-based unit/project that demonstrates how to fully integrate the Profile of a SC Graduate competencies into curriculum. The project is designed to support intentional skill development specific to the competencies, while also serving as an opportunity for demonstrating evidence of learners' ability to apply their skills and knowledge to an authentic task.

Mastery Learning Staging Guide

When leading a transformation toward Mastery Learning, where do you start? What are the key levers for change? In this practitioner guidebook, organized into four key domains for school and system transformation, educators are offered explicit guidance, resources, and models to develop and implement a "staging" plan for their transformation effort.


We are partners in leading transformative change.

Join in the Change Leadership initiative where you will have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues and reDesign team members as you develop vision- and mission-grounded strategic, cultural, and technical approaches to support each stage of your transformation efforts. Together we will keep learner experiences, strengths, and needs at the center, while attending to research-based levers for change. Key activities may include: 
  • Strategy and action planning
  • Discovery and assessment
  • Profile of a Graduate development
  • Implementation design and support
  • Program assessment and evaluation
  • Action research and short-cycle inquiry


We lead responsive, personalized professional learning.

We design and facilitate professional learning workshops, intensive coaching cycles, and multi-year programs to build educator capacity while modeling evidence-based practices.

  • Coaching for teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders
  • Professional development workshops and series
  • Online, self-paced courses and modules
“The folks at reDesign are true school partners. They care about the schools and districts they work with—their individual and unique constituents, trajectories, and needs—and work alongside educators and administrators with patience, compassion, and sharp expertise.

KaTrina Wentzel | Dean of Academics, Marin Academy

How we work.

reDesign offers a range of programs, courses, modules, and tools to support your journey at the time and the pace that works for your team. We are deeply collaborative and thoughtful in our approach to providing equitable access to our designs and services.

We engage with partners using a blended approach of on-site and virtual activities, depending on the services and surrounding circumstances. Our virtual services are robust and responsive and demonstrate our commitment both to minimizing our carbon footprint and to offering the most affordable services.

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