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The reDesign team has been kicking it into high gear this fall season—showcasing our new competency frameworks, creating connections, and filling up the rest of the calendar year with exciting education and leadership conferences. Check out the September 2023 Newsletter to dive in!

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We are thrilled to announce that our groundbreaking panel “Can Young People Solve the Post-Pandemic Learning Equation?” is in the running to be selected for the 2024 SXSW EDU conference. By voting for us, you are giving young people a direct platform to share their voices and ideas. With a passionate youth advocate as the moderator, this panel promises to be a transformative journey of empowerment and youth-driven solutions.

Here at reDesign, we believe in the power of young voices and their unique perspectives in shaping the future of education. Our panel will feature representative voices from reDesign’s Youth Advisory Council, the Untextbooked project at the History co:Lab, and Big Thought. Together, we will explore youth-driven approaches to addressing current challenges in education, from examining “positive deviants” in pandemic learning experiences to creating prototypes that scale up promising outcomes. This panel will spotlight the powerful lenses that students bring to the transformation of our education systems.

Our panel of young people will focus on three essential learning objectives:

  • Centering Student Insights: We believe that centering the insights offered by young people is critical to generating meaningful, flexible, and responsive ways to reimagine traditional schooling.
  • Empowering Future Designers: Engaging young people in design thinking about the future of learning creates a pathway for them to iteratively develop new and innovative educational possibilities.
  • Embracing Positive Deviants: Recognizing and learning from positive deviants in pandemic learning experiences offers crucial data points during this time of flux and opportunity for education.



Meet Our Dynamic Presenters

  • Salome Murcia Gonzalez: Hailing from Colombia, the United States, and Canada, Salome brings a diverse international perspective to education. A member of reDesign’s Youth Advisory Council, she developed a prototype idea for creating more inclusive ways for young people to share their learning and present their work.
  • Sydne Clark: A 19-year-old sophomore at Howard University, Sydne is a dedicated advocate for challenging stereotypes and microaggressions faced by young Black women. As a co-host of the “UnTextbooked” podcast and moderator for various national events, she has a unique perspective on history and its impact on educational transformation.
  • Ania Hodges: A graduate of UNT Dallas and an essential voice at Big Thought, Ania has a heart for building communities and developing young people. As a Generation Liberation Assistant, she focuses on future workforce development industries and mentors youth to amplify their voices.
  • Byron Sanders (Moderator): As the President and CEO of Big Thought, Byron is a strong advocate for youth empowerment and equitable communities. He believes that with youth as co-designers, society can reach its fullest potential.

Why Your Vote Matters

We need your support to make our panel a reality at SXSW 2024! By voting for “Can Young People Solve the Post-Pandemic Learning Equation?”, you are championing youth empowerment, student-driven innovation, and the transformation of education for a brighter future.

How to Vote:

  • Visit our page on the SXSW PanelPicker website 
  • Create an account or log in with your existing credentials.
  • You can also search for our panel “Can Young People Solve the Post-Pandemic Learning Equation?” under the “Browse Proposals” tab via the PanelPicker dashboard
  • Click on the “Vote Up” button to cast your vote and make a difference! Feel free to add your voice to the buzz by adding to the comment feature, too.

Let’s come together to celebrate youth voices and their impact on education transformation.

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