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We’re Expanding – Our Learner-Centered Vision, Our Resources, Our Team!

Jul 22, 2022 | Blog, News and Announcements | 0 comments

The reDesign team has been kicking it into high gear this fall season—showcasing our new competency frameworks, creating connections, and filling up the rest of the calendar year with exciting education and leadership conferences. Check out the September 2023 Newsletter to dive in!

To learn more about how reDesign supports learner-centered communities, check out our toolbox of key resources or contact [email protected].

  • $10 million dollar grant to support expanded social impact vision

  • Team growing to scale-up our efforts to reimagine what education can be

  • Building collection of prototype resources that accelerate meaningful learning

Have you heard our (really!) exciting news? reDesign has been awarded a $10 million grant to launch a set of new, large-scale social impact initiatives advancing learner-centered education models. We couldn’t be more thrilled to build on the future-of-learning design and impact work we’ve been doing over the last fifteen years, and to deepen and expand our partnerships with other innovative, equity-driven folks who share this commitment to learner-centered designs and practices.

In preparation for this period of concentrated innovation and growth, we put out a call to action across our community of educators, thought partners, change leaders, policymakers, and colleagues.  We enthusiastically invite you to:

    • Check out our prototype curriculum assets, all part of reDesign’s “Rigor Toolbox” that we’re currently developing to support meaningful, rigorous, and relevant learning for young people.
    • Explore new career opportunities at reDesign to help us build our social impact, or share them with amazing folks in your network who might be interested! 
    • If you’re an educator, let us know if you’d be interested in a little design research collaboration! We are seeking school-based instructional teams or teachers interested in piloting some of our curricular resources. We’d love to chat partnership with you, and the possibility of a micro-grant to support the work.

If you’re wondering what kinds of social impact our work drives forward, the Rigor Toolbox’s resources are a great introduction!  As we work towards redefining K12 learning outcomes and reimagining curriculum, we’re laser-focused on supporting the development of a modernized vision of meaningful learning experiences: rigorous, engaging, flexible, and inclusive!  

The toolbox is a collection of our most useful and transformative prototypes designed to support accelerated, deep learning for all learners. It balances fast-tracking rigorous competency development with finding joy in relevant, personalized exploration.  And, it equips K-12 learners to build lifelong academic and social-emotional skills they can take with them anywhere in the world they choose to go.

You can learn more about the “what” and the “why” behind the Rigor Toolbox in our overview brief!  To learn more about partnering with reDesign, contact [email protected].


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