It’s Time To Reimagine the K-12 Content Map

Getting Smart | April 19, 2021

What if the purpose of school were not assimilation, or social reproduction, but liberation? What if the purpose of formal education were to create spaces—what we call learner-centered communities—where young people:

  • build competency as they engage with big questions, transferable concepts, and ideas within and across disciplines;
  • develop critical consciousness as they critically examine injustices in the world, and explore opportunities to disrupt and transform them; and
  • sustain, celebrate, and center the tapestry of cultures and communities to which they belong?

This is our vision at reDesign: All young people thriving in learner-centered communities that cultivate competency, connectedness, and critical consciousness. We stand with so many others who share a vision for a reimagined education system as key a lever for advancing equity.

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It’s all part of reDesign’s Big, Hairy, Audacious 5-Year Plan

reDesign’s virtual K-12 Content Mapping Design Studio is intended as an important primary step in our collective journey to transform our vision of what deep, agentic learning can be. 

Learn about our big, audacious 5-year plan to build inclusive and equitable learner-centered communities for young people and adults that embrace every learner.

During the summer of 2021 reDesign convened one hundred K-12 content experts and launched a collective process to redefine learning for young people in K-12 education.

It was the first step of a bold journey to reimagine our K-12 disciplinary maps in a way that

  • identifies the most important big ideas for young people to engage with as they prepare for our rapidly changing, complex world
  • moves toward cross-disciplinary competencies and concepts and away from long lists of factual knowledge
  • attends to the research on how the brain actually learns
  • centers inclusion and antiracism in our subject area content
  • includes the voices and perspectives of young people


Meet the 2021 K-12 Content Mapping Design Studio Cohort

Meet our solidarity partners committed to liberatory education for every learner

Does redesigning K-12 education to be relevant, purposeful, culturally sustaining, empowering, and joyful interest you? Do you have industry or field expertise around what’s critical to learn to thrive in your field? Do you have ideas on how content can be organized to support exploration and deeper learning? Share your ideas in this community input form and let us know how we can connect with you.

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