The Future of k-12 content is here.

See how we’re pushing back on standards, and building a foundation for multicultural, interdisciplinary, concept-based learning.


Do you ever wonder…

What if we designed our education system to prepare young people with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in this complex, rapidly changing, crisis-laden world?

What if we broke away from standards, and re-organized learning around cross-disciplinary competencies and concepts that reflect the way the brain actually works?

What if we offered academic content to our students that actually reflects and affirms their identities, experiences, and interests?

It’s time to put learners back at the center of learning.

That’s why we’re Reimagining the K-12 Content Map

The 2021 Design Studio

In the summer of 2021, we brought together one hundred K-12 content experts for a collaborative design studio aimed at beginning to redefine learning for young people in K-12 education. Learn more about the event and the people who made it all possible. 

Say hello to the
2021 Design Studio Cohort.

Get a glimpse into the experience with the Humans of RCM collection.

A Lighthouse in the Fog

Sometimes, a single gathering of people with a shared commitment to change is enough to tip the scales in its favor.

Angela Wang

With a wealth of experience turning Social Studies into a dynamic, inquiry-based subject, the Maryland educator turned her focus to our Design Studio.

Wakanyi Hoffman

The author, podcast host, and leader of the African Folktales Project shares her personal and professional reflections on a transformative design studio experience.

Casie Wise

A conversation about celebrating, sustaining, and elevating culture with a Memphis educator.

In the Room Where it Happened

A glimpse into the inner workings of the
K-12 Content Map Design Studio, with participant Roshaunda Cade.

Diana Iracheta

Meet the Latina engineer who took a break from crushing STEM stereotypes to join reDesign’s K-12 Content Map Design Studio.

Roshaunda Cade

See the Design Studio through the twinkling eyes of a coach, candidate, and content expert. 

Thanasi Dilos & Monica Black

Hear about the Design Studio from two of its stars: a young civics leader, and a Math freedom dreamer.

Shellhaas Jean-Francois

Each One. Teach One. Reach One. A conversation with an NYC teacher about culture, diversity, and the future of K-12 Curriculum.

Linda Rost

The 2020 Montana Teacher of the Year talks about her experience in reDesign’s K-12 Content Map Design Studio.

Meet our solidarity partners committed to liberatory education for every learner.

It’s all part of reDesign’s Big, Hairy, Audacious 5-Year Plan.

reDesign’s 2021 virtual Design Studio was a small, but meaningful first step towards a bold vision for what the future of learning can be.

Learn about our big, hairy, audacious 5-year plan to build inclusive and equitable learner-centered communities for young people and adults that embrace every learner.

Join the movement.

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