CBL Curriculum Project: High School

Mind Your Mother Earth

Mind Your Mother Earth | High School Geography. Designed for SCDE 2019

Across South Carolina there are signs of struggle between humans and their environment: a longer mosquito season in coastal areas, higher temperatures in Columbia than surrounding rural areas, ever-increasing risks of flooding in inland regions, and hotter, muggier summers for everyone!

South Carolinians, like people around the globe, have a deep and long-standing connection to their land through an array of uses—from farming to urban living to hunting, fishing, and recreation. In this unit, students will investigate case studies from cities around the globe, with a focus on:

  • Examining the ways that humans and the environment impact each other (e.g., urban settlement in coastal areas and hurricanes);
  • Identifying areas with similar environmental features or environmental challenges as South Carolina, and
  • Evaluating innovative solutions to new environmental challenges, originating with government or individual citizens, around the globe. 

Students choose a local environmental challenge to study in depth and synthesize  their knowledge of responses to similar problems around the world to generate and propose a specific solution that is tailored to local, state, or regional environmental issues.