reDesign is a woman-led education design lab committed to ensuring every young person is future ready. We design for the future of learning and partner with educators to accelerate deep and meaningful learning for all.





Meet Antonia.

Thirty years ago, Antonia Rudenstine co-founded a competency-based school, envisioning a model of learning that was flexible, responsive and based on meaningful results for learners, rather than time-based advancement and a one-size-fits-all curriculum. Since that time, Antonia has helped drive the evolution of competency-based learning as a key lever for more equitable, learner-centered education systems. Her vision for reDesign is centered on the experience of young people and their access to opportunities to develop competency, experience deep connectedness, and use their agency to make positive change in their communities. 


We are a community of educators, coaches, designers provocateurs, parents, entrepreneurs, and researchers, who share the belief that transforming education is possible.

We envision every learner thriving in a learner-centered community.

We believe that all young people are able to learn, create, and achieve at high levels, and that our role is to dismantle barriers, and foster nurturing relationships and the supportive conditions that enable every learner to thrive in community.   

Background team

In learner-centered communities, every young person and every adult has the opportunity to:

Experience connectedness

Learner-centered communities nurture the well-being of all learners in a safe, caring, and responsive environment. Learners feel a strong sense of belonging as a result of deep and meaningful relationships. The learning community itself is porous and connected to the broader community in mutually beneficial ways.

Develop competency

Learner-centered communities support learners in getting really good at the things that matter. Both young people and adults are actively developing critical skillsets that have lifelong value–such as skills related to literacy, problem-solving, and leading inquiry–and that are important to the learner and vital to health and strength of their community.

Build critical consciousness

Learner-centered communities embrace a social and environmental justice orientation. They recognize that educational institutions play a critical role in helping learners discover and experience their own power to help build a better world. Grounded in the ideas of Paulo Freire, critical consciousness involves engaging learners in critically examining the world, and in taking action to make it better.

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